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Image of Coronavirus COVID-19. This scanning electron microscope image shows the corona-virus that causes COVID-19 in yellow, isolated from a patient in the U.S., as it emerges from the surface of other cells cultured in the lab.

>> Wuhan CoVID19 Worldwide Dashboard
>> Tracking CoVID19 Across US by State and County

Update (3/4/2020): Global death rate for CoVID-19 based on the latest firgures is 3.4% /// higher than ealier figues of about 2% /// Note - seasonal flu kills 0.1% of those infected

>> CoVID19 CDC Illustration with Captions
>> CoVID19 Review Article (A must read to start to understand SAR-CoVID pandemic!)
>> New Scientific Approach to Make Vaccine Against CoVID19 (Please Read!)
>> Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
>> National Institutes of Health
>> Symptoms, Prevention, and Transmission Poster
>> CoVID-19 Scanning Electron Microscope Image (see the crown!)
>> CoVID-19 Structure (Illustration)
>> Anatomy of the avian flu virus (also an RNA virus)
>> Virus Are Neither Dead or Alive But Only Active or Inactive: The Virion Reproductive Cycle.
>> Seven Reasonable Anti-CoVID-19 Suggestions Made by "Preppers" (Things You Can Do!)..
>> How to make your own hand sanitizer.. (6 min video)
>> Possible Origin of SARS-CoVID-19

>> Corona Virus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics - Part 1 // (50 min.) - Master Class /// Great Lectue!!!
>> Corona Virus: Treatment, Prognosis, Precautions. - Part II

>> Viruses Reveal the Secrets of Biology by Dr. Britt Glaunsinger PhD - (Part 1)
>> Herpesviral Nuclease Impact on Cellular RNA Destruction and Synthesis by Dr. Britt Glaunsinger, PhD - (Part 2)
>> Coronovirus 101: Focus on Molecular Virology (Dr. Britt Glaunsinger PhD / HHMI Investigator)