BIO 2710 Study Guides

The "Study Guides Questions" are optional and these questions are only recommended for "advanced students". The Study Guide Questions do corelated to the Science Department's learning objectives however the Study Guide Questions "drills down" to include additional content and more detail. For most students, if you learn the Science Department's Learning Objectives then you will have learned enough to meet the minimum standard for Macomb's Allied Health Programs.

However, for advanced students who need a more in depth understanding of human physiology then my Study Guide Questions will supplent the "MSD learning objectives" for each chapter. The Study Guide Questions will provide you with more "pieces to the puzzle". The Study Guide Questions will also help you prepare for the lecture unit exams.  The Study Guides are posted in the "Home Work Assignment" section. These assignments are not required.

I recommend that you turn the MSD Learning Objectives and my Study Guide Questions into Flash Cards. Flash Cards allow students with busy schedules to make better use of their time (e.g. five minutes waiting in a line can be turned into valuable study time!) I know from experience that students who work with Flash Cards routinely receive better grades in their classes.  This should not surprise you because it is simply a function of “time on task”. Success is not an accident. You need to prepare to be successful!

Students who do their Study Guides before the material is covered in class are better prepared for the lecture. If you read something in the text book while working on your Study Guides and you don't understand the material then in lecture you can ask a question to clarify the material. This will make the classroom experience more rewarding for both the instructor and the students! (Article of Interest)

Writing out the answers to the study guides questions may take you three or four hours for each chapter, however. You will have all the information "organized" for your exams. Now you can meet with other students and use your Study Guides and Flash Cards to form learning circles. This is a fun way to prepare for exams.