How to Calculate Your Grade

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Your grade is determined by the average of four unit exams. Each unit exam consist of a lab exam and a lecture exam. The lab and lecture exams have equal value (100 pts each).

The lab exam will require you to identify lab unit learning objectives. For each lab exam, you will need to identify 50 structures (2 pts each). The lab exam format is multiple choice. The lab exam value is equal to the lecture unit exam (100 points).


The lecture exams consist of multiple choice questions (i.e. 90 questions - one point each) and vocabulary matching questions (20 question - 1/2 point each for 10 pts) . The lecture exam value is 100 points.

You will also have an opportunity to earn four bonus points by completing chapter study guide homework assignments. If you turn the homework assignments in late then you will receive only two points. The bonus points are added to your lab-lecture average score.

I do not grade the homework assignments for correctness but only for completion. Therefore, after you write out your answers, you will need to first compare your answers to other student's answers to make sure your answer is correct and to edit your answers to make them more correct. Secondly, you may ask me if your answers are correct. Remember, the study guide questions are design to encourage collaborative learning and to help you prepare for the lecture unit exams!

Sample Unit Exam Grade Calculation

(lecture score + lab scroe /2) + bonus points = final grade


lecture score = 90 pts multiple choice + 10 points vocabulary terms = 100 pts

lab scroe = identify 50 learning objectives at 2 points each = 100 pts

bonus points = completion of chapter study guide questions = 4 pts


( (76 of 90 lecture MC pts + 8 of 10 lecture vocabulary points) + (94 of 100 points lab)/2) + 4 BP =

( (76 pts + 8 pts) + 94 pts) / 2) + 4 bonus points = final grade

(178/2) + 4 = final grade

89 +4 = 93%

93% = A


  This is how you earn an "A" in this class!