BIO 2710 Final Grade Determination

Blood Clot

Your overall grade for Bio2710 is determined by taking an average of your anatomy and physiology unit exams. There are four lecture and lab unit exams. These exams have equal value. The percent score will be converted to a letter grade using the Science Department's "percent score to grade" conversion scale which is posted in the syllabus.

If the four lab exams average 90% and the four lecture exams average 78% then your overall score is 84% (this is a B)


However, The Science Department also permits AP instructors to offer "32 total bonus points" or "8 bonus points" per unit exam. I give my students an opportunity to earn bonus points by taking a "matching" quiz which on the Science Department's required vocabulary terms. The vocabulary words are listed at the beginning of each lecture unit learning objectives.

Therefore, if your lab score is 90%, your lecture score is 84%, and your bonus point score is 8 then your unit grade will be 93% (A-).

Unit Exam Grade Calculation
(90 +84 / 2) + 8 = 93 = A-