How to Use This Web Site

Human at 72 Hours

This site is the platform that I will use to deliver all the content for the lecture and lab sessions. I used a "cafeteria style" format so you may "self-serve" the resources that you want to use. I have also provided links to other learning and knowledge resources.

There are two sides to the site: the anatomy resources and the physiology resources. Each side uses similar structure so it should make it easy for you to access resources.


Studies show that you will learn more if you study the same subject using different "methods of learning" (i.e. lecture, video, slides, audio, etc.). I tried to emulate this principle as I put this site together. This concept of learning should not suprice us since over 2,500 years ago Confucius said that the secret to learning is repetition!

The site is a "work in progress". So as we move through the semester, I will be making changes to the content of the site. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated and I will thank you in advance for your help. I want to welcome everyone to the class and I look forward to helping you master anatomy and physiology.