About Anatomy Lab Exams

  1. No phones are allowed in the exam room. If you bring a phone (or camera) into the exam room then you will receive an "0" on the exam and you will be asked to leave the exam room immediately.
  2. You will need a clean scantron and a #2 pencil.
  3. All other personal items (books, jackets, backpacks, etc.) will be left in a "pre-test" room.
  4. You must keep your scantron covered while taking the exam. You will be provided with a cover sheet for your Scantron in the exam room. When you are not scoring your Scantron, your test form must be covered.
  5. There is no talking during the exam.
  6. You are not permitted to touch any exam objects during the exam.
  7. The instructor can not answer any questions during the exam.
  8. If you are late than you can not take the exam. You may be able to reschedule the exam with another section but don't take a chance, be on time!
  9. There are 25 stations and each station will have two questions for a total of 50 questions. All the questions are multiple choice (but some may be "tricky")!
  10. You will move from the "pre-test room" to the "exam room" in single file with each person going to one of the exam stations (see below). If there are more than 25 students in the class, then they will sit in "time out chairs" placed between individual stations to accommodate the extra students.
  11. You will be allowed only 90 seconds at each station.
  12. After 75 seconds, the instructor will announce "15 seconds" and after 90 seconds the instructor will announce "next station".
  13. Lab exams will use three wall charts (Stations 3-4-5) where students will need to identify structures from a wall chart.
  14. You will move through the exam stations until you have completed all 25 stations. Make sure you start recording your answers on the Scantron for the right station.
  15. After the class has completed the exam, you will immediately exit the room in a single file without talking and will hand your exam to the instructor as you exit the room. If you talk while in the exam room then 10 points will be subtracted from your exam score!!!
  16. You may wait in the "pre-exam room" while the instructor checks and records your test result.
Movement Through Lab Exam Stations