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On-Line Teaching

Team Training Videos

evaluation progam.

MS TEams Training Videos


Illustrator Training Videos

Illustrator Design for Cutting Training 1

13 Tips and Tricks

Pen Tool

Illustrator Basics Part 1

Illustrator Basics Part 2

Illustrator Basics Part 3

Illustrator Basics Part 4 (Text)

Illustrator Part 5

Illustrator Part 6

Warp Text (eg bottom only)


Duplicate Object Around Circle

How to Draw Wreath

Create Rope

Essential Tools Review (how to make badges included)

Learn to draw anything

Metalic Gradients

Heat Press Vinyl

Vinly Cutting for Heat Press Garment

Heat Press Garments 2

Graphtec Videos

CE7000 Training Videos

Basic Operations

Using the CE7000 Menue

Using Cutmaster 4

Contour and Perf Cuts (for cutting print jobs)

Graphtec Cutting Conditions

Cutting Scraps

Favorite Features