Fundamentals of Nutrition
BIO 1400 - W2018 / Macomb Community College
Cliff Belleau - Adjunct Instructor
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  "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." - Michael Pollan  

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  Lecture Slides, Homework Assignments, and Articles of Interest  
  C1 - Nutrition - Everyday Choices  
> Welcome / Orientation
> C1-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C1 - Nutrition: Everyday Choices.
Home Work Assignments
> NIH Body Mass Calculator (What is your BMI?)
> Wallet Size Portion-Size Guide (Print this document)
> Refrigerator Size Portion-Size Guide
> British and American Variances
> Measurement Equivalents (American Standard VS Metric)
Articles of Interest
> Why Phones and Computers Are Not Allowed in Lecture
> Physicist Seeks to "Lose the Lecture" as Teaching Tool
> Color Wheel of Phytochemical in Food
> List of Phytochemicals in Food
> Phytochemicals and Their Role in Obesity
  C2 - Guidelines for a Healthy Diet  
> C2-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C2- Guidelines For A Healthy Diet
Home Work Assignments (Section under repair!)
> The Scientific Method
> Anatomy of a Food Label
> Calories in a Sandwich
> Food Label Calculation (1)
> Food Label Calculations (2)
> Nutrient Density
> Water Content of Food
> How Many Colors Are In Your Dinner?
Articles of Interest
> Better Health With Good Food Choices
> 10 States With the Deadliest Eating Habits
> Six Good Breakfast Meals (Still Not the Best!)
> Food Labels

C3 - Digestion: From Meals to Molecules

> C3-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C3 - Digestion: From Meals to Molecules
Home Work Assignments
> Active Transport by Group Translocation
> Biochemical Pathway
> Digestion Metabolism Overview
> DNA Structure
> Enzyme Action and Hydrolysis of Sucrose
> Hormones and Gastric Secretion
> How Diffusion Works
> Organs of Digestion
> Reflexes in the Colon
> Renal Process
> Absorption of Nutrients
> Blood Flow During Absorption
Articles of Interest
> 10 Things Never to Eat From Vending Macine
> Worst Foods in America
> 20 Worst Salty Foods in America
> Beware: Misleading Ingredient Names Explained

C4 - Carbohydrates: Surgars, Starches, and Fibers

> C4-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C4- Carbohydrates
Home Work Assignments
> Blood Sugar Regulation in Diabetics
> Comparing Carbohydrates
> Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates
> Glucose Metabolism
> Regulation of Glucose Metabolism
> Maintaing Normal Blood Glucose Levels
> Blood Glucose Regulation
Articles of Interest
> Low Carbohydrate Benefits
> Seaweed: New Hip Food
> Are Energy Drinks Dangerous to Your Health
> Nine Scariest Food Facts
> Food vs Minutes of Exercise

C5 - Lipids: Fats, Phospholipids, and Sterols

> C5-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C5- Lipids
Home Work Assignments
> Absorption and Digestion of Lipids
> Lipid Transport
> Metabolism of Lipids
Articles of Interest
> Lipoprotein Metabolism
> Trans Fat FDA
> Obesity by the Numbers

C6 - Proteins and Amino Acids

> C6-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C6- Proteins
Home Work Assignments
> Digestion and Absorption of Proteins
> Metabolism of Proteins
> Complementary Proteins
> Limiting Amino Acids
> Protein and Muscle Production
> Protein Denaturation
Articles of Interest
> Gluten Sensitivity / It's Related to But Not Celiac Disease
> Portion Sizes Now and Then
> Sizing Up Food Portion Sizes

C7 - Vitamins

> C7-Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C7- Vitamins
Home Work Assignments
> Vitamins Acting as Coenzymes
> Vitamin B12 Role in Metabolism
> Action of Antioxidants
> Body Mass Index
> Bomb Calorimeter
> Energy for Activity
Articles of Interest
> Twenty Worst Foods in America
> Worst Restaurant Breakfasts in America
> Ten States with the Deadliest Eating Habits
> Six Good Breakfast Meals
> What is the Average American Diet? (Hint: it is not good!)
> Obesity By the Numbers
> Ten Worst Fast-Food Meals

C8 - Water and Minerals

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C8- Water & Minerals
Home Work Assignments
> Acid Base Balance
Articles of Interest
> Scientist find "master gene" for obesity.
> Sugar Should Be Regulated as Toxin

C9 - Energy Balance and Weight Management

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C9- Energy Balance and Weight Management
Home Work Assignments
> Hormonal Communication
> How Osmosis Works
> Nerve Implulse
> Water Content of Food
Articles of Interest

C10 - Nutrition, Fitmess, and Physical Activity

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C10- Fftness and Physical Activity
Home Work Assignments
> Hemolysis and Crenation
Articles of Interest
> Phytochemicals in Food
> Phytochemicals Help to Fight Obesity
> Color Wheel of Phytochemicals

C11 - Nutrition During Pregnancy and Infancy

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C11-Pregnancy and Infancy
Home Work Assignments
> Bone Growth in Width
> Osteoporosis
Articles of Interest
> Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome
> How Breast Milk Protects Newborns

C12 - Nutrition From 1 to 100

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C12-1 to 100
Home Work Assignments
> B Vitamins
> Hemoglobin Breakdown
Articles of Interest

C13 - How Safe is Our Food Supply?

> Lecture PPt
Study Guide
> C13- How Safe Is Our Food Supply?
Home Work Assignments
> Chasing Outbreaks: How Safe is Our Food?
> Frontline: What is the problem with chicken?
Articles of Interest

C14 - Feeding the World

> Lecture PPt
Home Work Assignments
Articles of Interest

Valued Web Resources

> National Institutes of Health
> Center for Disease Control and Prevention
> American Council on Science & Health
> Food and Drug Administration
> Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Eat Right)
> United States Department of Agriculture Choose "MyPlate.Gov"
> Fork Over Knives - Learn How to Transition to a Safer Diet
> Nutrition Data / Create "Food Fact Labels"
> Calorie King for Food Awareness
> Go Dairy Free
> Environmental Working Group
> National Council Against Health Fraud
> Quackwatch: Outrageous "Claims" in Advertising
> MicroBiome

Recommended Books for Health Care Professionals

> The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler, MD
> The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better,
Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care by T.R. Reid
> Food Inc. by Robert Kenner : Watch on YouTube a brief introduction to this important award winning documentary about "the food-industrial complex".
> Food Inc.  / Reviews by Los Angeles Times, Variety, Entertainment Weekly :  Visit Mr. Kenner's official site to find reviews and detailed information about this important work.
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