Diet Analysis Paper  

iProfile is an easy-to-use diet analysis program that will help you assess your current diet and exercise habits so you can improve your health. iProfile includes a database of nutrient values for 50,000 different foods. You will use iProfile to track what you eat and create nutrition reports for analysis.

The Diet Analysis Paper is a requirement for BIO 1400. If you don't complete the paper then you will not receive a grade for this class! The paper represents 25% of your final grade! We will start to work on this paper on day one by learning how to use iProfile. You will do a series of preliminary homework assigments to learn how to use iProfile, how to record your food intake, and how to use iProfile to analyze your diet.

The documents below will help you through the process of writing your diet analysis paper. You should print these documents and use this information to complete your paper.

1 Fundamentals of a Diet Analysis Paper

Note: this document list all the nutritional categories that you must include in your paper

4 Grading Rubric Worksheet
11 Spreadsheet - Basic Nutrients to Highlight Worksheet
  Lab Exercises:
  1 Log On To iProfile - Set-Up Personal Profile - Learn to Navigate iProfile
  2 Estimating Portion Sizes - Fill Out A Food Log - Enter Food Into iProfile - Print Reports
  3 Submit Your Three Day Food Log - Enter Food Log - Print Required Reports
  4 Analyze Diet's Nutrients - Review the Structure of Your Term Paper - Introduction & Conclusion
  5 Your Favorite Recipe - Improve the Recipe - Print Comparison Report - Use For Buffet Dinner
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