Human Anatomy & Physiology Orientation

(Cliff Belleau - Adjunct Instructor)

I look forward to working with you this semester. Together, we will have an opportunity to explore the most complex organism in the universe, The Human Body.

It's important that you review and understand the orientation below. We have shared responsibilities andwe have shared expectations. This is what I try to cover in the orientation. The links below provide "printable pages" for the syllabus, the Science Department's Learning Objectives, and our lecture/lab schedules.

A Wise Man said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step". Well, this online orientation is your first step into the world of anatomy and physiology. Seeking knowledge is not a destination, it is a lifelong journey!


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  BIOL 2710 Anatomy & Physiology
* Syllabus S2017
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Lecture Objectives (Required Knowledge)

Lab Objectives (Required Knowledge)
* Unit 1
* Unit 2
* Unit 3
* Unit 4