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Anatomy Lab Unit One Resource Center
(Unit 1 Lab Learning Objectives)

Unit One Topics

Fundamentals of Anatomy
Integument System
Muscle System    
Skeleton System    

Anatomy Slide Presentations

> Orientation to Anatomy ...
  Surface and Regional Anatomy
  Axial Skeletal System
  Pectoral Girdle & Upper Appendages
  Pelvic Girdle & Lower Appendages

Lab Models - Test Your Knowledge - Required Lab Objectives

  Osteon #2
Long Bone Structure
  Articulated Skeletal Review (a must watch slide show!)
Thoracic and Abdominalpelvic Cavities with Visceral and Parietal Membanes

Wall Charts


Video Library // Use These Videos to Enhance Your Laboratory Experience

Histology Endochondrial Ossification (Video)
Histology of Dense Bone (Video)
Histology Ground Bone (Video)
Histology of Spongy Bone (Video)
Bone Model - Osteon (Video)
Osteocytes: the role of the lacunae, caniculi, and central canal (Video)
Histology Hyaline Cartilage (Video)
Histology of epithelial cells (Video)
Introduction to the Integumentary System (Video)
What is skin? (Video)
The Layers of Human Skin (Video)
Correction: The presenter refers to the hypodermis as a layer of the cutaneous membrane. It is not and often referred to as the subcutaneous membrane. Overall, this is a good instructional video.
Bones of the Skull (Video)
Head and Neck Muscles (Video)
Rotator Cuff Injury / Shoulder Girdle Movement (Video)
Three Muscle Types: Striated / Cardiac / Smooth (Video)
Abdominal Muscles (Video)
Arm Model / Arm Region (Video)
Arm Muscles / Shoulder Region (Video)
Muscles of the Chest / Intercostals & Pectorals (Video)
Head and Shoulder Muscles / Trapezius & Rhomboids (Video)
Shoulder Muscles / Levetor Scapulae & Deltoid (Video)
Leg Muscles / Gluteal Group Part 1 (Video)
Leg Muscles / Gluteal Group - Part 2 (Video)
Leg Muscles / Thigh / Anterior Compartment (Video)
Leg Muscles / Lateral Compartment (Video)
  Muscles of the Upper Extremities (Video)
Muscles of the Lower Extremities / Anterior and Posterior(Video)

Articles of Interest

  Craniosynostosis: Metopic Synostosis



Web Resources


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