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Anatomy Lab Unit Three Resource Center
Unit 3 Lab Objectives




Unit Three Topics

Respiratory System
Blood Typing
Lung Capacities
Anatomy of the Heart
Lung Volumes
Arteries & Veins
Lymphatic System
Sheep Heart Dissection   Hepatic Portal
Blood Pressure   Circulation

Anatomy Slide Presentations

Blood Typing (PDF) / Slide Presentation
Anatomy of the Heart (PDF) / Slide Presentation
Blood Typing (PDF) / Slide Presentation
Anatomy of the Heart (PDF) / Slide Presentation

Audio Chapter Reviews


Video Library to Enhance Your Laboratory Experience

Arteries and Veins (Video)
Veinous Valves (Video) This graphic representation illustrations how venous semilunar valves work. It also shows how placque may build up behind the valve as a throbus and then dislodge, becoming an embolus that travels in the blood.
How Capillaries Work (Video)
Red Blood Corpuscles Flowing Through Capillaries / Note RBCs Lining Up Single File to Pass Through Capillaries (Video)
Carbonic anhydrase and the transport of CO2 in blood. (Video)
  The Bohr Effect (Video)
Blood Typing (Video)
Watch a neutrophil chase a bacterial among RBCs. The neutrophil eventually catches the bacteria and kills the bacteria by phagocytosis. (View Video)

Innate Recognition of Pathogens (Video)
Natural Killer Cell (cytotoxic surveillance lymphocyte) attacks a fibroblast. View Video
The Complement System: Complement is a group of 30 or more plasma proteins made primarily by the liver. These proteins play an important role in both nonspecific resistance and specific immunity. After complement is activated by one of three separate mechanisms, it results in four separate actions to destroy pathogens: inflammation, immune clearance, phagocytosis, and cytolysis. This video illustrates how complement " kills" a bacteria by cytolysis. (View Video)
An Overview of Immunology (Video)
Heart of America (Video)
Blood Flow Through the Heart (Video)
Iso-Volumic Contraction / Relaxation During the Cardiac Cycle (Video)
The Big Heart and the Coronary Circulation (Video)
  Coronary Arteries & Coronary Veins (Video)
Fetal Blood Circulation (Video)
** Sheep Plunk I / Infating Fresh Lung Tissue
  Sheep Plunk II / Examination of Fixed Lung Tissue
** Inflation of Smoker and Non-Smoker Lungs
Boyles Law - Pressure and Volume (Video)
Charle's Law - Pressure and Temperature (Video)
Dalton's Law - Partial Pressure (1) (Video)
Dalton's Law and Partial Pressure (2) (Video)
  Henry's Law - Gas Pressure & Solubility (Video)
  Transport of Respiratory Gases (Video)
Respiratory Volumes & Spirometry - Excellent Presentation! (Video)
  Sphygmomanometer: How to Check Blood Pressure (Video)
Spirometry Exam (Video)
Larynx Sagital View (Video)
** Steven Tyler's Vocal Cords
Larynx Anterior View (Video)
Trachea & Bronchi (Video)
Asthma / 2 (Video)

Wall Charts

  The Respiratory System Wall Chart

Lab Models

  Review of Respiratory Learning Objectives

Lympahtic System 1 // Lymphatic System 2 // Lymphatic System 3


LS Mammary Gland // Regional Lymph Nodes


Lower extremity veins | Radiology Key

Arteries and Veins Learning Objective


Self Examination "Flash Boxes" Mapped to Lab Objectives

Arteries Supplying the Upper Limb .
Veins Draining the Upper Limb
Veins Draining the Head and Neck
Hepatic Portal System ,

Lab Supplemental Resources

  Sheep Heart Pluck Demonstration
  Blood Typing Work Sheet

Articles of Interest

* Note: See videos above

Miscellaneous Web Resources


Lab Experiments / Demonstration

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